Good Good Father – Week 3

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Good Good Father – Week 3 With the help of Psalm 103, David is going to help us to better celebrate Thanksgiving.  Help us to better acknowledge God in this week that we sometimes focus too much on good food, good football, and good Black Friday bargains! Not saying that those things can’t be part […]

Generous IRL – Week 4


Generous IRL – Week 4 Have you ever felt unqualified, unworthy, or unloved? Ever been in a place in life where you truly felt like a fish out of water? The funny thing is, some, or maybe many of you, feel that way. As we talk this month about being Generous IRL many of us think, […]

Generous IRL – Week 1

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Generous IRL – Week 1 How old were you when you started to learn about sharing? Maybe you learned about it because you were asked to share, and you did not want to share.  Maybe you shared something with someone and you loved the feeling of being appreciated. I want us to jump into one of […]

1 John – Week 2

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1 John – Week 2 Love is a theme that runs throughout the book.  John talks about what we shouldn’t love, how we are loved, how we know what love is, and how we should act accordingly. And as John jumps into this theme in the early part of the book…he makes it clear that […]

Jesus. Week 15

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Jesus. Week 15 Do you want to be powerful? This week we hear pastor Paul talk about the ascension of Jesus and the Holy Spirit descending. He asked this important question: Who would you rather provide your life agenda?  God or You? Jesus. Week 15 Teaching Text Acts 1:6-12 The Ascension of Jesus 6 So when […]

Jesus. – Week 3

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Jesus. Week 3 Teaching In this teaching, Jesus. Week 3, we hear Pastor Paul talk about Jesus’ Baptism where Jesus kind of hears those awesome words, Good Job, from God and what it meant for him and what this story teaches us today. Jesus. Week 3 Teaching Text Matthew 3:13-17 The Baptism of Jesus 13 Then […]

Jesus. – Week 1

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Jesus. Week 1 Teaching In this teaching, we hear Pastor Paul talks about the birth of Jesus. Jesus. Week 1 Teaching Text Luke 2:1-7 2 At that time the Roman emperor, Augustus, decreed that a census should be taken throughout the Roman Empire. 2 (This was the first census taken when Quirinius was governor of Syria.) 3 All returned to […]

No Shave November – Week 3

No Shave November Week 3 Teaching In this teaching, we hear from Pastor Paul talks about the freedom we have in our Christian walk and how the apostle Paul talks a lot about it all throughout his letters, but especially in the book of Galatians which we have been focused upon this month.  And as […]