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Life Groups

NEW Summer 2024
Life Groups Mini-Session

Sign up to join a BRAND NEW Life Group for 4 weeks this summer.
These groups will be discussing our next teaching series: More Than Animals.
There are groups available for Men only, Women only, or Anyone (men, women, couples & singles). Mini-session groups will meet the week of May 26th through the week of June 16th. Each group meets once a week. See the sign-up form for details about when groups meet.
-Please sign up for only ONE mini-session group, as space is limited.
-No groups have childcare, but several are kid-friendly (kids may come and there is space to play).
-Your leader will contact you prior to the first group meeting to introduce themself and let you know where the group meets!
-Sign ups open May 12 and close May 26. 

Spring sign-ups begin January 7 and Spring Life Groups begin January 22.

Sign-ups will close at the end of January.  If you wish to join a group after that point, please reach out to Pastor Karen,

Life Group FAQs

A Life Group is a group of 6-12 adults or teens, who gather weekly to connect and grow together. These groups have a lot of fun, grow in friendship, and encourage each other as they learn how to have deeper relationships with God.

Any adult! We have groups for men, women, couples, and “anyone”!

Our youth also participate in Life Groups on Wednesdays during New Life Youth.

Our Life Groups run in two, ten-week semesters (fall and spring). The fall 2023 semester begins September 11th.

Each group has a selected time, and day that they meet. Most groups meet 1.5-2 hours each week.

Most of our groups meet in rooms at New Life, though a few meet in homes in the community.

Some of our groups offer childcare for a small fee. If childcare is offered, it will be listed in the group’s description on the website.

Our New Friends Life Group (for those who have never been in a Life Group) meets on Sunday mornings during second service, and children are welcome to be in New Life Kids during that time.

Our groups are structured to Connect, Learn and Apply.

Each group has an element of connection. Some play games, others discuss ice-breaker type questions. The intention is to break down barriers and help individuals in the group connect on a personal level. Many groups incorporate a meal or snack into their connection time.

There is a learning component to our groups. This is typically done outside of group time. Many groups use the Sunday morning teaching (sermon) as their learning component. Some groups read a book, others listen to a podcast.

And finally, each group has an application emphasis during their gathering. This typically looks like a discussion where the leader asks questions and the group talks about what they learned in the learning component. The hope is that each individual walks away with an action step – a way they can personally apply what they have learned.

You can sign up for Life Groups via the New Life App, the New Life website, or by talking to Pastor Karen or Brooklyn on a Sunday morning (8/27, 9/3, 9/10).


Groups will fill quickly and a couple weeks into the semester, most groups will close to new participants. Be sure to sign-up early!