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calendar_today July 26, 2021

Becoming Me – Week 4

person Paul Baughman
view_list Becoming Me

Week 4 of Becoming Me

This is a series that is all about becoming who God created us to be, and we’re going to personalize it. We’re actually going to lead you through some personality tests, spiritual gifts assessments, and other self-reflection exercises so that by the end of the series, you have a better understanding of who you were uniquely created to be.

Becoming Me Card

In the first week of the series, we handed out this card so you can fill in a blank each week of the series. By the end, you will have a picture of who you are.

If you would like to print your own click the button below to download a pdf of the handout.

  • Week 1: New Life
  • Week 2: Passions
  • Week 3: Personalities
  • Week 4: Spiritual Gifts
  • Week 5: Experiences

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