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the Purchased Project

About Haiti

Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Of the almost 11 million people who call Haiti home, 70% do not have electricity. Only 50% have access to an improved water source such as a hand pump or a well. 8 of 10 Haitian orphans have living parents, who, due to poverty were unable to care for their children, so they put them out on the street. And 60% of Haitians live below the poverty line which means they live on less than $2.41 a day.

About Fair Trade

The world’s poor want jobs. Unfortunately, due to the desperation for jobs, many of the world’s poor are exploited, being forced to work long hours in deplorable conditions, making a wage that ensures they stay poor. That’s where fair trade comes in. When you purchase fair trade products, you ensure that farmers, workers, and artisans are treated fairly. We can use our purchasing power to redeem, releasing others from the bonds of poverty.

About The Purchased Project

The purchased project is a Fair Trade shop that supports the missions partnerships of New Life. In our very own lobby you can purchase products created by artisans in Haiti and other impoverished nations.

In short, your purchase has a three-fold impact:

  1. The artisan is always paid first. This enables the artisan to provide for his/her family, keeping families together and ensuring that his/her children receive an education. Many of our artisans are handicapped and considered unemployable in Haitian society. Your purchase allows these artisans to triumph over social stigmas as well as poverty.
  2. The ministry that employs our artisans is supported. We have partnered with two Christ-centered missions that operate in Haiti. Your purchase helps Mission Lazarus and ViBella continue to share the hope of Christ with the people of Haiti.
  3. The mission and outreach of New Life is furthered. The proceeds of each purchase will sustain and broaden New Life’s outreach into our community, our nation, and the world.