Good Good Father – Week 4

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Good Good Father – Week 4 We’re talking about dads today so I wanted to start by looking at some of the great American dads of our time. …Maybe they aren’t the greatest fathers. This is going to be a little heavier than usual so I wanted to start off on a light-hearted note. We’re […]

Good Good Father – Week 2

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Good Good Father – Week 2 The other day, I asked my dad for advice about parenting, and this is what he said: To parent you gotta be a Father like God, a judge like Judy, a psychologist like Dobson, a teacher and tent maker like Paul, a coach like Andy Reid, a provider like […]

Good Good Father – Week 1

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Good Good Father – Week 1 We’re starting a series today called Good Good Father, and we are talking about my favorite metaphor of God. God is our Father, our perfect Heavenly Father. And we’re not just asking is God our Father? We’re asking is God a good Father? The question the world is asking […]

Generous IRL – Week 3


Generous IRL – Week 3 Leadership will change you. It’s kinda like how you learn more by teaching. Why? Because leadership changes you. Leaders have to go out on a limb. They take risks, and those risks either have good or bad consequences. Leadership requires sacrifice. Over the years we’ve developed a distinct culture at […]

Generous IRL – Week 2

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Generous IRL – Week 2 Let’s focus on the IRL part of the series. Today we’re talking about Baptism. Baptism is how we demonstrate God’s grace and His generosity in real life. We’re taking His incredible sacrifice, His incredible gift, and we demonstrate it, in real life. Why do we do it? Well, it’s what […]

Kingdom Freedom – Week 4

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Kingdom Freedom – Week 4 We’re in the 4th week of a series called Kingdom Freedom. We’ve been talking about how we can never truly be free unless we are set free by God. All other freedom is temporary, but Kingdom Freedom is eternal. If you are still a slave to sin, it doesn’t matter […]

Kingdom Freedom – Week 3

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Kingdom Freedom – Week 3 We’re in a series called Kingdom Freedom, and we’re focusing on the freedom that being a part of God’s Kingdom gives us. What is the Kingdom of God? When you read the phrase Kingdom in Scripture, I think it would be helpful for us to replace the word kingdom with […]

Kingdom Freedom – Week 2 – KickOff Sunday

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Kingdom Freedom – Week 2 There is one goal for this message and it’s an invitation. I want all of us who call ourselves Christians to make a commitment to the Church. Recommit your life to the Church, prioritize it, to sacrifice for it. Why? Because without it, very few of us would have ever […]