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Jesus. Week 15

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Jesus. Week 15 Do you want to be powerful? This week we hear pastor Paul talk about the ascension of Jesus and the Holy Spirit descending. He asked this important question: Who would you rather provide your life agenda?  God or You? Jesus. Week 15 Teaching Text Acts 1:6-12 The Ascension of Jesus 6 So when […]

Jesus. – Week 14

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Jesus. – Week 14 In this teaching, Jesus. Week 14, we hear Pastor Mike talk about Jesus doing something none of us could imagine enduring, and in his humanity, He couldn’t have done it. So how did He do it? How did Jesus endure the cross? Everyone has felt it. Every student, parent, and leader […]

Jesus. – Week 13

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Jesus. – Week 13 In this teaching, Jesus. Week 13, we hear Pastor Mike talk about Peter and how our Biblical mandate is to lead people to Jesus, but half of us think it’s wrong. Why? Because we’re actually following the opinions of culture, not the truth of Scripture. JESUS. WEEK 13 TEACHING TEXT Matthew […]

Jesus. – Week 12

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Jesus. – Week 12 In this teaching, Jesus. Week 12, we hear Pastor Mike talk about our need for mentors and how we should mentor others. Everyone should have a mentor. The people I know who grow more than most are mentor squirrels. They’re gathering mentors like squirrels gather nuts. YouTube isn’t enough. You can […]

Jesus. – Week 11

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Jesus. Week 11 Teaching Is anger a sin? Not if it’s righteous anger. Not if you are angry about true injustice. But how much of our anger is actually righteous anger? How much is actually frustration with people who hurt us or people we disagree with? Anger breaks relationships. When you’re angry, ask yourself, “is […]

Jesus. – Week 10

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Jesus. Week 10 Teaching In this teaching, Jesus. Week 10, we hear Pastor Mike talk about when Jesus feeds 5,000 men & their families, but He does it with the food in a little boy’s lunchbox. Supernatural things happen when we give to God. This boy gave to Jesus, and Jesus used his generosity. When […]

Jesus. – Week 9

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Jesus. Week 9 Teaching In this teaching, Jesus. Week 9, we hear Pastor Mike talk about when Jesus healed a man at the Pool of Bethesda on the Sabbath. Most people complain about things in their lives that they’re not actually willing to change. I’m overweight. I’m poor. I’m depressed. I’m lonely. I’m childless. So […]

Jesus. – Week 8

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Jesus. Week 8 Teaching In this teaching, Jesus. Week 8, we hear Pastor Mike talk about the beatitudes and how God blesses outsiders. In Jesus’ teaching, he isn’t saying He won’t bless insiders, but statistically, they are less likely to receive His blessing. A vessel becomes valuable when its contentsare valuable. We’ve got a world […]