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Generous IRL – Week 4


Generous IRL – Week 4 Have you ever felt unqualified, unworthy, or unloved? Ever been in a place in life where you truly felt like a fish out of water? The funny thing is, some, or maybe many of you, feel that way. As we talk this month about being Generous IRL many of us think, […]

Generous IRL – Week 3


Generous IRL – Week 3 Leadership will change you. It’s kinda like how you learn more by teaching. Why? Because leadership changes you. Leaders have to go out on a limb. They take risks, and those risks either have good or bad consequences. Leadership requires sacrifice. Over the years we’ve developed a distinct culture at […]

Generous IRL – Week 2

Generous IRL Week 2 -Thumbnail

Generous IRL – Week 2 Let’s focus on the IRL part of the series. Today we’re talking about Baptism. Baptism is how we demonstrate God’s grace and His generosity in real life. We’re taking His incredible sacrifice, His incredible gift, and we demonstrate it, in real life. Why do we do it? Well, it’s what […]

Generous IRL – Week 1

Generous IRL Week 1 -Thumbnail

Generous IRL – Week 1 How old were you when you started to learn about sharing? Maybe you learned about it because you were asked to share, and you did not want to share.  Maybe you shared something with someone and you loved the feeling of being appreciated. I want us to jump into one of […]