Easter 2023

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Easter 2023 Easter 2023 was a great celebration where Pastor Mike talked about how we are asleep and we need to wake up. To be alive, we need 4 basic elements: What is Jesus? He is the living water, the breath of life, the bread of life, & the light of the world. We can’t […]

Easter 2022

Easter 2022

Easter 2022 Homecoming Have you ever felt weary? I mean really weary, burnt out, frustrated with life, sick of the job, & “the kids are wearing me down. I can’t do it anymore.” Did you know Jesus felt like that? One time was the night before He was killed: Matthew 26:38-40 38 He told them, “My soul […]

Easter 2021

Easter 2021 When Peter smelled the coal fire, he realized, “Jesus knew all along. What’s He going to do? What’s the punishment for denying Christ? What does this mean about my salvations?”