New Life Kids Curriculum

New Life Kids Curriculum

Until construction is finished downstairs, K-6th will be combined. When construction is finished 5th-6th will go through a separate curriculum.

Check back every month to see what your child will be learning!

February 2021

D & E Nursery (3.5 yrs- Pre K)
  • “Journeys for Jesus”:  Go, go, go share Jesus with everyone you know, know, know! In this unit, Jesus tells all His friends to go into the whole world and preach God’s Good News. Everyone needs you to share Jesus with them, everywhere you go!
  • Peace. It’s more than chill vibes, tie-dye shirts, and mood rings. Join NL Kids for this four-week series as they learn that lasting peace is a gift from Jesus that never leaves us.
  • We can practice self-care and mindfulness as tools to calm the body and mind as we pursue peace, but those practices won’t take us all the way there. Only by following Jesus can we experience peace that is deep, real, lasting, and not dependent on circumstance. By seeking God and connecting to Him spiritually in prayer, in His Word, in worship, and in community with other believers, we can stay connected to the gift of peace Jesus gives us. When we realize peace, its byproducts of unwavering gratitude, freedom, and trust in Jesus can rub off on those around us, giving us opportunities to be peacemakers in our relationships, our communities, and the world around us.