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calendar_today February 19, 2024

Fix Your Marriage – Week 3

person Mike Wilson
view_list Fix Your Marriage

Fix Your Marriage Week 3

We’re delving into the vital aspect of communication within marriage, exploring how biblical principles can enhance our relational dynamics. Did you know that regular church attendance can reduce the risk of divorce by almost 50%? This statistic underscores the efficacy of God’s wisdom in fostering healthier marriages.

Foundations of Communication:

Before we proceed, it’s crucial to emphasize God’s unconditional love, even in the context of divorce. While divorce is a painful reality for many, it doesn’t diminish God’s love for individuals who have experienced it. Now, let’s address the key predictors of divorce identified by psychologists, which remarkably align with biblical teachings.

1. Criticism:

Criticism, characterized by demeaning remarks or insults, erodes the foundation of trust in a marriage. Instead of resorting to derogatory language, strive to uplift and honor your spouse. The golden rule, “Do to others as you would like them to do to you” (Luke 6:31), guides us to offer praise and encouragement rather than criticism.

2. Defensiveness:

Defensiveness arises when we feel attacked, leading to counter-complaints or adopting a victim mentality. Accepting responsibility for our actions fosters humility and strengthens marital bonds. As Galatians 6:5 reminds us, we are each responsible for our conduct, urging us to confess our mistakes and strive for improvement.

3. Stonewalling:

Stonewalling, characterized by emotional withdrawal during conflict, inhibits intimacy and communication. Actively engaging with your spouse’s thoughts and emotions demonstrates genuine interest and fosters connection. Philippians 2:4 exhorts us to take an interest in others’ concerns, emphasizing the importance of maintaining intimacy through attentive listening and responsiveness.

Nurturing Intimacy:

Investing in intimacy is essential for navigating marital challenges and preserving harmony. Turning toward bids for attention and demonstrating enthusiasm fosters closeness and overrides minor conflicts. Long-term intimacy requires ongoing effort and investment to sustain the vibrancy of the relationship.

A Call to Action:

Though communication may not always be comfortable, it is indispensable for cultivating thriving marriages. Let’s exemplify Christ’s love through our relationships, demonstrating sacrificial love, alignment in purpose, and unwavering commitment. As we embody the command to love God and love others, let’s strive to communicate effectively and build marriages that reflect God’s design for relational harmony.

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