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calendar_today February 12, 2024

Fix Your Marriage – Week 2

person Mike Wilson
view_list Fix Your Marriage

Fix your Marriage – Week 2

Welcome to our ongoing series, “Fix Your Marriage.” Today, we dive into the cornerstone of any successful marriage: trust. Without trust, no marriage can truly flourish. When two individuals commit to marriage, they intertwine their lives and pledge to share everything. They say, “I put my trust in you,” promising honesty and transparency regardless of the challenges they face.

Foundations of Trust:

Scripture urges us to confess our sins to each other (James 5:16), emphasizing the importance of honesty and openness in marriage. Divorce, like a bolt cutter, severs the bond of trust, a bond that God values deeply. Trust thrives on transparency, just as God knows everything about us, successful marriages are marked by complete honesty.

Uncomfortable Conversations:

To cultivate trust, we must address uncomfortable topics head-on. Finances, internet usage, alcohol consumption, and sexual intimacy are crucial areas where transparency is paramount. Hidden finances, unchecked internet browsing, secret alcohol consumption, and withheld intimacy can erode trust. Real intimacy is built on transparency, where spouses are fully known and accepted.

Boundaries and Rebuilding:

Marriage dismantles boundaries, requiring couples to navigate life together. Rebuilding trust after breaches takes time and effort. Christians are called to give trust quickly, mirroring God’s forgiveness. Forgiveness isn’t dependent on feelings; it’s a conscious choice to let go of resentment and extend grace.

Emotions and Sacrifice:

Contrary to popular belief, marriage isn’t solely about feelings but about sacrificial love. Sacrifice builds trust, as spouses prioritize each other’s needs over their own. Disagreements, when handled constructively, can strengthen trust, fostering compromise and understanding. Being equally yoked, as advised in 2 Corinthians 6:14, aligns values, facilitating compromise and unity.

Shared Purpose:

A shared purpose, rooted in faith, can sustain a marriage through challenges. While temporary goals may fade, faith in Jesus provides an enduring foundation. Seeking to understand each other through open-ended questions fosters trust, friendship, and optimism for the future.

As we explore the depths of trust in marriage, let us commit to openness, forgiveness, and sacrifice. By aligning our values, fostering open communication, and grounding our marriage in faith, we can cultivate a relationship built on trust, resilience, and shared purpose. Together, let us embark on this journey of trust-building and renewal, trusting in God’s guidance and grace every step of the way.

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