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Walk This Way

a Multi-Sensory WalkThrough the Life of Jesus

Walk this Way is a series of ten stations that will take the participant on a journey through the life of Jesus Christ. Each station will feature an event from the life of Jesus.  The participant will be invited to consider who Jesus is, how he lived, and what his death and resurrection mean for them. The stations are contemplative in nature and will involve all five senses, as the participant journeys through Jesus’ life.

March 25th-29th

6AM to 10AM
5PM - 8PM

March 30th

6AM to 10AM


You will want to allot a minimum of an hour to go through all ten stations.   This way you have time to sit and ponder for a few minutes at each station.

You should bring a charged phone/ipad and earbuds/headphones. Each station will have an auditory component that will be played from a Spotify playlist. Don’t worry if you don’t have the Spotify app, you can access Spotify from a web browser.  A volunteer host will be available to help you find the playlist. If you do not have a phone or earbuds/headphones, we will have a limited number available to borrow/utilize.

No. Just come to New Life’s lobby during the times Walk this Way is open. Please show up atleast an hour before we close, in order to give yourself enough time not feel rushed. The experience will be set to handle about three visitors starting every ten minutes. If you are able to come during the morning session, we expect it to be less full than the evening hours.

Walk this Way is intended for teens and adults, though a mature child (10 and older) could benefit from the experience. Please find childcare for younger children, as the atmosphere in the room will be quiet and contemplative and you and others will not be able to fully focus if you have them with you.

This experience has been created to help you focus your heart and mind on Jesus during Holy Week.  Use it as a mid-week retreat, a personal worship experience, or a spiritual reset.  No matter why you come, we think you will be blessed, refreshed and inspired to celebrate Easter!