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Be Made Whole

Week_24_Be Made Whole Gillette Wyoming

Be Made Whole When John described the sick man at the Pool of Bethesda, he told us that the man was sick for thirty-eight years, not that he sat by the pool for thirty-eight years. Based on what we know about life expectancy at this time, it is likely that this man was sick his […]

How to Be Healed

Week_23_How to Be Healed Gillette Wyoming

How to Be Healed In John 5:1-15, there is a story about Jesus healing a crippled man by the pool of Bethesda. The passage describes the location of the pool in detail. It states that the pool was inside the city near the sheep gate and had five covered porches. That description is important because […]

Unlocking Blessings

Week_22_Unlocking Blessings

Unlocking Blessings When Jesus heard King Herod had killed John the Baptist, He sought solitude and boarded a boat for an isolated place. However, word quickly spread, and many people from nearby villages came to see Jesus. When Jesus saw them, He was deeply moved with compassion and began to teach them. As dusk approached, […]

God Has A Green Thumb

God Has A Green Thumb My mom has a green thumb. My wife and I, on the other hand, kill plants often. Once, after we killed a plant, we decided to throw it away. However, when my mom found it in the dumpster, she said, “wait, let me try to save it.” Today, that plant […]

Sinners Need Miracles

Sinners Need Miracles There is a story in Matthew 8 about a time that Jesus healed a Roman centurion’s slave boy. I have wrestled with this story a lot. After Jesus returned to Capernaum, a Roman centurion approached Him, saying, “Lord, my servant is paralyzed and in terrible pain.” Jesus offered to go with him to […]

The Church is a Rock

Week_19_The Church is a Rock, Gillette Wyoming blog from mike Wilson in Gillette, Wyoming

The Church is a Rock When you hear the word “church,” what do you think of? You might think of a white building with a steeple on top, a stage with lights and a fog machine, or a living room with a TV playing church online. Others might think of an NFL stadium, where they […]

Ask God For Good Gifts

Week_18_Ask God for Good Gifts New Life Gillette church Gillette Wyoming Blog post 18

Ask God For Good Gifts A young boy named Liam harbored a profound desire, one that went beyond material possessions. He longed for more time with his dad, who, due to work commitments, seemed constantly occupied. What Liam didn’t understand is that his father was self-employed. He had the power to work the number of […]

Don’t Build Offense

Week 17_Thumbnail_Dont Build Offense, Upon this rock blog, Gillette, Wyoming, New Life

Don’t Build Offense Are you easily annoyed? When I am in a bad mood, the smallest thing can set me off. When I am emotionally unhealthy, my response to the actions of others can be incredibly immature. My wife has this habit of putting pills in her mouth then talking. I don’t know why. It’s like […]