New Life has a thriving Life Group ministry that we are always looking to expand and grow to further provide opportunities for discipleship, leadership, and spiritual growth.
If you feel like you’re ready to take the next step in becoming a spiritual shepherd, a discipler, the pastor of a small community, please don’t let fear or time keep you from stepping into what could be your calling. Because whether you know it yet or not, you were called to be a pastor. The church has traditionally called this the priesthood of believers. It’s all about walking with people as they grow. You don’t have to have all the answers. You don’t have to have a theology degree, and you don’t have to carry all the responsibility of the group. You just have to encourage people, love people, and help them to learn how to become who they were created to be.

Many people have signed up to lead a Life Group expecting it to drain them of time and energy, but it turns out to be the exact opposite. Our Life Groups have turned into spiritual families, and there’s nothing more important than that. You could be a part of walking with someone as they become who they were meant to be.

Do you have a gift for showing extravagant hospitality and connecting with others? If so, we hope you’ll consider joining one or more areas of the New Life Host Team. There are opportunities to serve as a prayer partner after each service, in our coffee shop, as a door greeter, as a parking lot greeter, in the welcome center, as an usher in the sanctuary, as a tour guide for new guests, connecting with new guests in the New Friends area, and on the support team. We need over 60 volunteers in Host Teams alone every Sunday, so we hope you’ll prayerfully consider joining us for this important ministry as we show others what it means to “Come As You Are”. To be a part of this important ministry, please contact Anna Hedrix at ahedrix@newlifegillette.com for more information.

KidZone is a fun, safe environment where kids will learn about Jesus. The areas to get involved in our KidZone ministry are: Nursery (0-2 yrs), Preschool (3yrs-Pre K, Elementary (K-6th grade), or Check-In Greeters. Whether you are greeting families and helping them check their children in, holding babies, playing with toddlers, or teaching preschool to elementary-age kids about Jesus, you will be making an impact in His Kingdom. To be a part of this important ministry, you can contact Darci Wilson at dwilson@newlifegillette.com

If you are interested in volunteering at New Life Youth, you have the opportunity to be a positive influence on the teens of this community. New Life Youth gives adults a chance to spend quality time with teenagers 7th – 12th grades. If you feel led to encourage teens on their spiritual journey, participate in fun activities, and be a support system, volunteer at New Life Youth. The group meets on Wednesday evenings and you can contact Sara at smccormick@newlifegillette.com for more information.

As New Life worship leaders we are primarily committed to being faithful worship leaders inwardly so that our external expressions are genuine (Matthew 15:8-9). If you have a heart to serve the local church through your gifting of musical abilities or Technical arts, we take applications year round and we would love to hear more of your story!

Serve with your circle! Life is best lived in community. That includes service. Serving together draws us closer to each other and the Lord. Love Gillette is one way we share the love of Jesus with our community. If you want to participate in a Love Gillette project, join a Life Group and serve with your circle.