Mar 6, 2021


Beast Feast 2021 Join us for a wild game feast on Saturday, March 6th at noon at the Landing. There will be games, prizes, fellowship and awesome food. Please bring a wild game dish or a side dish to share. Tickets are $10 per person (Males 9th grade and older may attend)
Mar 7, 2021

The Perfect Li(f)e Teaching Series

There is no perfect family.If it looks like everyone’s lives are perfect on social media, it’s a lie. 
Dec 27, 2021 – Jan 5, 2022

New Life In Israel

Join New Life in Israel Join us on a 10-day tour of Israel that will likely change your life. You will become intimately familiar with the stories that changed our world. You can walk in the footsteps of Jesus, and like Jesus, you can sail across the Sea of Galilee and get baptized in the Jordan River. Come see where Jesus was born, where He performed miracles, where He died, and where He rose from the dead! Consider this brochure…