Heaven & Hell – Week 3

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Heaven & Hell – Week 3 Hear from Pastor Karen as she talks about how our bodies are just a tent, a temporary dwelling on earth. But in Heaven, we will have a permanent dwelling, a house. 2 Corinthians 5:1 says our earthly body is like a tent and a tent has some key features. […]

Heaven & Hell – Week 2

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Heaven & Hell – Week 2 What is Heaven? People don’t look forward to Heaven enough. Therefore, Pastor Mike spoke about what we know about Heaven. A lot of us think it’s a 24/7 church service, so we don’t want to go there, but it’s so much better than that. Heaven will be a physical […]

Heaven & Hell – Week 1

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Heaven & Hell – Week 1 Who Gets Into Heaven 80% of Americans believe in an afterlife. Americans can’t agree on anything, but we agree on this. So you’d assume there’s a debate on every corner about how to get there. Nope. Most people are content to take what’s given to them. – So what […]

First Things First – Week 3

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First Things First – Week 3Sexual and Spiritual Intimacy What is the most important thing in your relationship with your spouse? What is your relationship built on? Every relationship has a hierarchy of values. Here are four kinds of intimacy from least important to most important. Physical intimacy. It’s the least important. Why? You’ve only […]

First Things First – Week 2

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First Things First – Week 2 – How God Protects Us God doesn’t always protect us physically, but when we put Him first, He gives us peace and eternal protection. I know that seems like a really simple idea, but the version of Christianity that is dominating America today is a very physically focus Christianity. […]

First Things First – Week 1

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First Things First Week 1 The principle of first. This week we hear pastor Mike and Robert Morris talk about the principle of first. First Things First Week 1 Teaching Text Exodus 13:1-2 13 Then the Lord said to Moses, 2 “Dedicate to me every firstborn among the Israelites. The first offspring to be born, of both humans and animals, […]

Jesus. Week 15

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Jesus. Week 15 Do you want to be powerful? This week we hear pastor Paul talk about the ascension of Jesus and the Holy Spirit descending. He asked this important question: Who would you rather provide your life agenda?  God or You? Jesus. Week 15 Teaching Text Acts 1:6-12 The Ascension of Jesus 6 So when […]

Easter 2023

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Easter 2023 Easter 2023 was a great celebration where Pastor Mike talked about how we are asleep and we need to wake up. To be alive, we need 4 basic elements: What is Jesus? He is the living water, the breath of life, the bread of life, & the light of the world. We can’t […]