New Life Youth Curriculum

New Life Youth Curriculum

Fall 2022 Curriculum

September: What is the Gospel?

  • Week 1: What is the Gospel? We will look at what the Gospel is. How do I know the Gospel is true? Which books make up the Gospels?
  • Week 2: Are you secure in your faith? We will challenge the students to explore their own faith and ask the hard questions.
  • Week 3: How do I share the Gospel? When asked what the Gospel is, how do teens go about sharing it?
  • Week 4: Last Wednesday Service: Game Night

October: Basics of Faith

  • Week 1: Denominations? Why so many? How come the church world is filled with so many different kinds of churches? 
  • Week 2: Trampolines Concert 
  • Week 3: Sacraments of our faith (ex. baptism and communion)
  • Week 4: Last Wednesday Service: Halloween party

November: Identity

  • Week 1: Who does God say I am?
  • Week 2: Where do I get my identity from?
  • Week 3: I am a child of God.
  • Week 4: Parent-teacher conferences – no youth
  • Week 5: Last Wednesday Service: Game Night

December: White Christmas

  • Week 1: White as snow (Isaiah 1:18)
  • Week 2: Christmas Party
  • Week 3: Christmas service at the church
  • Week 4: No school – No youth group

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