Making Disciples

New Life's Plan of Making Disciples

Here is a diagram of how New Life plans to make disciples of Jesus Christ. This plan is intended to serve as an aid rather than a restrictor. The upper funnel is the plan to introduce people to the discipleship process. The orange circle is what we believe a fully devoted follower of Christ should do individually. The grey circle is what we believe a fully devoted follower of Christ should do corporately.

Advancement Methods

Encounter – A bumper sticker, driving by the church, an ad in the movie theater or on the radio, a friend or family member, or any other contact points could introduce an individual to New Life and its invitation to “come as you are and become who you were meant to be.”

Explore – Most people explore a church by visiting their website to determine if they will visit the church in person. Nearly half of people say a website’s design is their number one criterion for determining the credibility of an organization.

Evaluate – Evaluation occurs when an individual physically visits a New Life worship service. We create hospitable environments to encourage first-time visitors to commit to returning to New Life.

Engage – A second visit to New Life shows a desire for connection. A quality second visit is a crucial step toward full engagement. When a person moves from spectating to participation, that person becomes a NewLifer in active pursuit of becoming who he or she was meant to be.

Corporate Methods

Worship – We create excellent environments that eliminate obstacles so that people have the best opportunity to encounter Jesus through fellowship, learning, worship, and prayer. Communion and baptism are the sacraments that set physical church participation apart from remote participation.

Serve – With a bias for action, NewLifers participate in the church’s calling to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus. Service provides opportunity for personal growth, social connection, and purposeful engagement.

Life Groups – Circles are better than rows. We are known by what happens in our large-gathering rows, but the strength of our church is what happens in Life Groups and classes.

Mentor – NewLifers should intentionally seek out someone who they can challenge and encourage. It is also essential that everyone has someone who will challenge and teach them.

Ambassador – The ambassador serves as a witness to the good news of the love of God. NewLifers hold nothing back to reach those who are far from God and add to the number of people who follow Jesus Christ.

Individual Methods

Pray – Prayer is the method by which people talk to their Heavenly Father, the creator of all things. It is how we worship, express gratitude, confess sins, surrender control, and communicate concerns to God.

Learn – Regularly studying the Bible leads NewLifers to self-reflection, life change, proper life prioritization, understanding of God and history.

Give – A spirit and attitude of irrational generosity sets NewLifers apart from the world prone to materialism and greed.

External Methods

Multiplier – Multipliers recruit followers of Christ through exponential methods. These individuals build new roads for people to meet Jesus Christ.

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