Life Group Discussion Resources

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Men's Podcast

Welcome to Holy Man: a journey of becoming Godly Men. No matter if we are sons, husbands, dads, grandfathers, or just a regular guy, we are going to try to figure out how God would want us to live on this journey called life. None of us have it all figured out yet, so let’s dig into and wrestle with God’s Word as we try to become who God created us to be, specifically as men.

Women's Podcast

It’s easy to get bogged down in the details of everyday life. If we aren’t intentional, our eyes can easily be pulled away from the Lord and we can set our gaze on things of earth. I believe that our perspective changes everything, so together we’ll be LOOKING ABOVE.

General Podcast

On the Way is a Bible Study podcast that walks through Scripture in episodes that are short enough (less than 10 minutes) that you can listen to them on the way to your destination and deep enough to help you on the way to becoming who God created you to be.

Leaving Left Behind

Leaving Left Behind Study Guide