Whole Again

Life is hard. (Especially in 2020, can I get an “Amen”?)

All of us have faced difficulty, pain, struggle and brokenness. It is not uncommon to feel defeated and as if we are defined by our brokenness.

But our brokenness doesn’t define us. Our healing does.

We have a God who restores, redeems and makes us whole again.

Our hope was to host Whole Again as a live women’s conference in the spring, but alas, COVID-19 rained on our parade. But, when COVID rains on your parade, you splash in the puddles! We have revamped our plan and are thrilled to see how God is going to use The Whole Again Experience in the lives of women this fall!

Whole Again Experience

The Whole Again Experience is a six week video/discussion based small group study that you can do with friends from the comfort of your home.

The Whole Again Experience includes:

  • weekly video lessons 
  • a personal study guide
  • a group study guide
  • And, if you register by September 20th, an amazing KIT filled with hands-on activities and amazing Fair Trade products (We are SO excited about the Experience Kit!!)
  • Whole Again Worship – October 9, 6:30-8pm 

Whole Again Experience Sessions:

Week 1 – Karen Baughman, New Life Gillette | Brokenness and Becoming Whole Again

Week 2 – Joy Fox, G4 & Ascend Freedom Fitness | Physical Wholeness

Week 3 – Katie Golinvaux, True North Consulting | Mental Wholeness

Week 4 – Tara Reed, Whole Life Counseling & Ascend Freedom Fitness | Emotional Wholeness

Week 5 – Robin Voigt, The Counseling Center | Relational Wholeness

Week 6 – Karen Baughman | Spiritual Wholeness

We believe this fall will be filled with hope and healing. Join speakers Karen Baughman, Joy Fox, Katie Golinvaux, Tara Reed and Robin Voigt as they discuss how seeking wholeness in all areas of life is vital to becoming who God created you to be.

The Experience will kick off on October 9th with Whole Again Worship – an evening of music, testimony and teaching.

Whole Again Experience FAQs

What should I expect? – The Whole Again Experience is a six-week long, video based curriculum that is intended to be used by small groups of women.  It will take you on a journey toward healing and wholeness.  Throughout the six weeks we’ll cover Mental, Emotional, Physical, Relational and Spiritual Wholeness.  As a participant, you can expect to come each week and hear an encouraging message from a woman just like you.  You’ll then have the opportunity to go a bit deeper with your small group as you dig into the Bible, your brokenness and God’s plan for wholeness.  The participant guide will also include some guided devotions for you to utilize on your own between your group sessions.

Do I need to register? – Yes. The Whole Again Experience costs $20 per participant, which give you access to all the materials you’ll need to dive deep into this journey from brokenness to wholeness. Registration is currently closed, however you can register at Whole Again Worship!

What do I receive for $20? – You will receive access to all 6 of the video sessions so you can rewatch them. The content in these videos alone is worth the $20! In addition, you will receive a copy of the personal study guide which will take you on a personal journey of digging deeper into the Experience content. But, most importantly, (if you register by September 20) you will receive a participant kit. The contents of this kit are needed to fully participate in the Experience.

Why not just do a Conference? – The short answer is “love.” We are called as Christians to live in love and we recognize that not everyone is comfortable meeting in a large group at this time. We want everyone to have the opportunity to participate in Whole Again, no matter how they are feeling about coronavirus. Plus, we truly believe that God has a plan to use this Experience in an even deeper and more meaningful way that we could have provided at a one day event.

When does the Whole Again Experience start? – Videos will be released on Vimeo each Monday for six weeks, starting on October 12. The final video will be released on Monday, November 16. If it doesn’t work for your group to start meeting the week of October 12, you could always choose a later date to start. Your access to the videos does not expire!

Do I need to attend Whole Again Worship to participate in the Experience? – No, but if you are comfortable meeting in large groups, we hope you will! This night of worship will kick off the Whole Again Experience and we think you’ll want to be there! The teaching from Whole Again Worship will be released as the video for the Week 1 small group discussion.

What if I don’t have a small group/ Life Group? – Not to worry! You have options! You could find a friend and do the Experience with her. You could invite a few friends to join you and be a small group leader (it’s not that hard!). Or, if you live in the Gillette area, let us know you want us to find you a group when you register and we’ll match you up with a group of ladies! Of course, you could always do the Experience on your own, but we really think it will be so much better with friends!

What if I registered for Whole Again in the spring? – Please re-register. We will only make Experience Kits for those who register. But, have no fear, if you had already paid, your payment can be transferred! There will be directions on the registration form to help with that! If you had registered, but don’t remember if you paid, send Jenn an email jpalmer@newlifegillette.com and she can let you know!

I am considering leading a group, what do I need to know? – Weekly teaching videos will be approximately 30 minutes in length. The Small group discussion/Experience will take about an hour to complete. Plan your meeting times to be an hour and a half to two hours. Offering childcare is completely up to you/your group. We will provide a leader guide to help you guide your group through the Experience. Each participant should register individually so they have the participant guide and their own kit. Videos will be made available each Monday – you can meet any day or time that works for your group!

When/where do I get my kit/study guide? – The kits and other materials will be available for pick up at Whole Again Worship. If you cannot join us for worship but live in Gillette, WY please stop by New Life on Sunday morning (October 11) between 8am and noon. If you cannot come at that time, arrange to have a friend pick up your kit. For those who live far, far away….we will mail you your (slightly modified ) kit and study guide. We will not mail kits to residents of Gillette.

Can I do the Whole Again Experience if I live in another state? – Wow, we would be honored if you want to join us. We will mail you your study guide and a slightly modified (to save on shipping) participant kit. (You’ll receive all the really special goodies, but will need to purchase a few things to complete your kit. We will provide a list of what you’ll need. You may already have some of the items laying around!) Be sure to let us know you live out of state by choosing option H or I on your registration form and don’t forget to give us your address!

Whole Again Worship FAQs

May I bring my infant? – Infants, six months of age and younger, are welcome to attend the Whole Again worship event with their mamas. There will not be childcare for this event.

What should I expect? – Whole Again Worship will be an hour and a half of music, testimony, encouragement and teaching!

Do I need to register? – No registration is necessary for the Whole Again Worship event. This event is free and open to all women in our community. If you plan to participate in the Whole Again Experience, you will need to register for that.

What if I am not comfortable meeting in a large group? – We get it! This event will be recorded and will be available as one of the sessions in the Whole Again Experience video curriculum. You can register for the Experience using the link at the bottom of this page starting September 1st.

5:30 or 6:30pm when does Whole Again Worship start? – The Whole Again Worship event will begin promptly at 6:30pm. Doors will be unlocked at 5:30pm. We suggest coming a bit early to check in, pick up your participant kit, find a seat and grab a cup of coffee!

Can I bring a friend? – Yes! We highly encourage it. Whole Again Worship is open to any woman, aged 16 or older. You may certainly come on your own, but, the more the merrier! Why not invite someone and come together?

What if I come alone? – We are glad you are coming! You won’t be alone for long! Worship with your sisters!!


Registration is currently closed. You can still register on October 9, at Whole Again Worship.

Still have questions….email Jenn at jpalmer@newlifegillette.com