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May I bring my infant? – Infants, six months of age and younger, are welcome to attend hopeFULL with their mamas.

Why is the lunch break 2 hours long? – So often we rush from one thing to the next, our days crammed full of tasks, events and to-do lists. We have purposefully scheduled a leisurely lunch break hoping you will use this time to connect with friends or with God in a way that your everyday schedule may not allow. If you are coming with friends, you may want to make lunch plans ahead of time!

8am or 9am, when does hopeFULL start? – The events of the day will begin promptly at 9am. Doors will be unlocked at 8am. We suggest coming a bit early to check in, find a seat and grab a cup of coffee!

Can I bring a friend? – Yes! We highly encourage it. The hopeFULL retreat is open to any woman, aged 16 or older. You may certainly come on your own, but, the more the merrier! Why not invite someone and come together?


Online registration is over. But don’t worry! You can register Saturday at the door!! See you then!