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Our goal is to raise the cost of peanut butter >>>>FOR AN ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR!!<<<<

Thanks to our partnership with Smiths and Anadarko (who brings big trucks to move all the pallets) we are able to buy peanut butter jars by the pallets at $1.00 a jar…

this comes to $9,000.00!

How we are going to do this:
The PB4K will pre-buy all the peanut butter and have the pallets at the event for you to carry!

You will need to preregister (link below) and show up with the BIGGEST backpack you have… the idea is not a race but who can carry the most jars for four kilometers. PB4K😉

You can also register on the day of the event.

Last year 186 people carried almost 3 pallets!!! We would LOVE to double that and raise the entire cost of peanut butter for our local kids!

100% of proceeds go to Blessings in a Backpack🎒